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Live it. Visit Scotland.

Come on, admit it. You’ve been thinking about taking that “once in a lifetime” golf trip to Scotland with a few of your buddies. Now is the time to take the first step towards making it a reality. Best of all, it’s free. Go to and request a free copy of their The Official Guide to Golf in Scotland 2007 brochure.

Golf In Scotland 2007 Brochure

Their brochure — more like a catalog really — is chock full of great photographs, maps, course listings, accommodations, etc. I think it will get you pumped up to plan a golf trip to Scotland. Actually, it has too much information. That’s where Golf Adventure Guides comes in. My Scotland Golf Adventure Guide will help you cut through the clutter and give you the practical tools to make your trip-planning process easy and enjoyable.

Take that first step today and order their 2007 brochure. Then, when you’re ready to plan your trip, come on back here and check out my Scotland Golf Adventure Guide. Now, off you go!

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Rob Babcock
Author/Golfer/The Golf Guide Guy

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