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Golf – It’s What Guinness Is Fore!

Recently, a few friends and I set out for a great golf adventure in Ireland. For two weeks we played golf daily at one of the many fine links courses, enjoyed the wonderful Irish hospitality every step of the way, and drank plenty of “the black stuff” to keep up our strength.

One of the lads, a talented songwriter who runs his own music publishing company, was inspired to capture the spirit of the trip in song. To celebrate this Ireland Golf Adventure Scott Johnson wrote “Golf — It’s What Guinness Is Fore!” (see lyrics below). You can listen to an MP3 version of the song below and purchase the MP3 file at Googol Press.


Golf — It’s What Guinness Is Fore!
With clubs in our bags and balls in our hands
We began our adventure in old Ireland
We were three buddies footloose and free
With dreams of great golf on the links by the sea

The courses were gorgeous like a young Irish lass
But looks can deceive like tall, rough, green grass
With our first round it was made all too clear
Why all the locals drank so much beer

Golf — it’s what Guinness is fore
Please won’t you pour us one more
We’ve lost all our balls
Now we’re stuck with our scores
Golf — it’s what Guinness is fore!

We’d start off each mornin’ sayin’ this is the day
That the old Irish course would submit to our play
But by the round’s end we’d leave in defeat
And off to the pub we would retreat


From Dublin to Baltray, Lahinch and Tralee
To Sligo and Doonbeg and places between
We hooked and we sliced and we shanked quite a few
For this game is illusive but one thing is true


Lyrics and music by Scott Johnson

* * * *
Rob Babcock
Author/Golfer/The Golf Guide Guy

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