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How to Pack for Your Golf Trip

[Updated: 17 January 2016]

After many years of golf trips around the world, I’ve come up with a golf trip checklist that makes it easy for me to get ready for each trip and also to minimize the gear I’ve got to lug around, while still making sure I’ve got everything I need.

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You can download the checklist below to customize it for yourself.

Download the Golf Trip Checklist

Here’s the basic checklist (details given below):

  • 4 golf shirts
  • 2 non-cotton undershirts
  • 1 longsleeve undershirt
  • 4 pair golf socks
  • 2 underwear (washable)
  • 1 underwear (cotton)
  • 2 long pants for golf
  • 1 or 2 shorts for golf
  • 1 Goretex rain suit + golf gear
  • 1 Wind vest
  • 1 non-cotton聽longsleeve undershirt
  • 1 golf shoes
  • 1 black long pants
  • 1 black belt
  • 1 black longsleeve polo shirt
  • 2 dark/patterned button-down shirts
  • 2 black t-shirts
  • 1 white t-shirt
  • 1 black “dress” shoes
  • 2 pair black socks
  • 1 running/tennis shoes
  • 1 running shorts
  • 1 compression shorts
  • 1 exercise t-shirt
  • 1 pullover/sweater
  • 1 toiletries
  • 1 Cottonelle (1.5 per day in ziploc bag)
  • 4 contact lenses & solution
  • 1 prescription glasses (backup)
  • 1 folder w/ tickets/itinerary/passport/etc.
  • 1 camera, gear, recharger, batteries

You may see a few odd things on the checklist — like packing only two pair of underwear! — so I’d like to explain those below and give you some of my specific product recommendations.

Checklist Details

One fundamental is that you don’t need to pack “ten of everything” for a ten day trip! Most itineraries will/should have a 2-day stay in the same place at some point, preferrably near the middle of the trip. Use that opportunity to get some of your clothes (shirts, pants, socks, etc.) laundered at the hotel while you’re out playing golf. The other thing is that you can easily wear the same golf shirt a couple of times, especially if you’ve been wearing an undershirt. It just doesn’t get that hot (usually) in Ireland and Scotland and you’re not going to be sweating up a storm.

Golf Shirts — Four golf shirts is enough for any length trip. You can easily wear the same shirt more than once and you can always get them laundered mid trip. Plus, chances are you’ll want to purchase a shirt or two along the way as a momento.

Non-cotton Undershirts — I like to layer for warmth. Wearing an undershirt also extends the “wearabilty” of your golf shirt. The key here is it shouldn’t be cotton. Any of the polyester/spandex blends from REI, Nike, UnderArmour, etc. will work great.

Washable Underwear — Yes, you only need two pair of underwear for the entire trip regardless of how long it is. Not only does this save space, but you won’t have to lug a bunch of dirty underwear around in your suitcase. I would highly recommend the Ex Officio Give-N-Go Briefs. They come in a boxer brief style as well.

Here’s how the “2-Pair of Underwear” system works. After golf, you come back to your hotel and pop into the shower wearing your underwear. While showering (leave your underwear on) soap up and wash yourself and your underwear. Near the end, take ’em off and rinse well. After drying yourself off, place your just-washed underwear on a dry towel, roll it up, and then stand on the towel to extract as much moisture out of the underwear as you can. Remove from towel and hang over a chair to dry. Get dressed and put on the clean underwear that you washed the night before. Wear that underwear for the evening (while your just-washed pair is drying) and for the next day. Using this system you will always have a clean pair of underwear on hand.

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After Golf Clothes — Bring a pair of dark trousers and a couple of nice button-down dress shirts. Don’t wear your golf clothes when you go out for dinner. And leave the jeans at home; they are heavy and bulky. Try your best not to look (and act) like a tourist. 馃檪

Travel Luggage

I use The Last Bag from Club Glove which is perfect for holding the golf clubs, shoes, rain gear, balls, and extra clothing. It’s also compact once you take everything out and so fits well in the rental car. Do NOT use one of the hardshell cases; they are just too bulky and take up too much space once in country.

My suitcase is from Travelpro, their 22″ Expandable Rollaboard Suiter (suit holder stuff removed). It’s not too big — so I’m not tempted to bring too much — but not too small either.

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Rob Babcock
Author/Golfer/The Golf Guide Guy

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