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Distance Made Simple: Bushnell Neo XS

I’ve owned multiple laser rangefinders, had my eye on the Garmin Approach GPS golf watches, and even bought (and returned) the Arccos tracking system but I am thrilled with my decision to purchase the Bushnell Neo XS GPS watch.

My first round and first experience with the Bushnell Neo XS watch was perfect: The first hole at Pasatiempo Golf Club is a pretty long par four — most of the time it is hard to reach in two, especially first thing in the morning when it is cool and the air is heavy with Monterey Bay fog. However, if you don’t layup properly you can easily reach a fairway bunker about 70 yards short of the green. After my “average” tee shot, I knew it was foolish to go for the green. A quick glance at my Bushnell Neo XS told me it was 162 yards to the front of the LFB (Left Fairway Bunker). I pulled out my 160-yard club (for me a 6-iron), put a smooth swing on it, and ended up a few yards short of the bunker. Mission accomplished!

I love the simplicity of the watch — the opposite of the Arccos system. Very quick and easy to get front, center, and back yardages as well as hazards and bunkers. Exactly what you need to know. And no hunting around for sprinkler head yardages and pacing back to the ball.

368550-yardageThe Neo XS also has a great battery life for products like this. After the round, I still had 3/4 left. They claim it is good for three rounds on a charge — sounds about right.

The Neo XS comes loaded with over 33,000 courses so I’m all set for my next trips to Ireland, Scotland, and England!

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Rob Babcock
Author/Golfer/The Golf Guide Guy

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