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Two Pair of Underwear? Two Week Golf Trip? No Problem!

Nobody likes to lug around extra stuff on a golf trip, least of all a bunch of dirty underwear that has accumulated after being on the road for a few days. Here’s how to pack only two pair of underwear for a golf trip of any length. Really!

Ex Officio Washable Give-N-Go BriefsWhich Underwear to Buy. To pull this off you need to get two pair of washable, quick-drying travel underwear. I like the Give-N-Go briefs from Ex Officio but they also have boxer brief styles in the same material. The fabric is lightweight and extremely quick-drying (it’s 94% nylon and 6% lycra) so you can wash it on the go and pack fewer pairs. To control odor-causing bacteria, the fabric is also treated with some fancy stuff they call Aegis Microbe Shield™. Sounds good to me.

If you have trouble locating these bad boys at a local travel store, you can get them online at They are more expensive than your typical pair of cotton underwear, but well worth it.

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The Plan. You’ve got your two pair of underwear now. How does this two-pair system actually work? Basically, during the day you’re wearing one pair and you’ve always got a clean, dry pair on deck. The only time it might be wet is during the evening after you’ve washed it and here’s how that works.

  1. When you get to your hotel/B&B room after golf, hit the shower.
  2. Keep your dirty pair of underwear on when you get into the shower.
  3. Wash yourself.
  4. Wash your underwear using soap on the outside and on the inside (this can be part of the “washing yourself” process, too.).
  5. Remove underwear.
  6. Rinse yourself and your underwear thoroughly.
  7. Dry yourself with a bath towel.
  8. Dry your underwear by rolling it up in a hand towel and stepping on it (see video below).
  9. Place your underwear somewhere where it can dry (this will happen quite quickly if you’ve done the towel-rolling).

Time-shift Your Underwear. When you get dressed for the evening, put on the clean pair of underwear you washed the day before. Wear this pair for the rest of the evening and then the first part of the next day. You are, in effect, time-shifting your underwear! Repeat this process every day and you will always have a clean pair at the ready and never have a dirty pair in your luggage.

How to Quick-Dry Your Travel Underwear. Here’s a brief video demonstrating how to quick dry your travel underwear:

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PS/Caveat — I will often bring a good old-fashioned pair of cotton underwear for a long plane ride as they are just a tad more comfortable and breathable than the washable travel underwear. Just wanted to mention that in the spirit of full disclosure. 🙂

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