Help for downloading the guides, downloading Adobe Reader, and using the guides follows. If you’re having problems, please consult this information carefully. I’ll try to get back to you promptly, but if I’m on the road doing research for a guide I may not be able to.

Downloading The Guides

Adobe PDFThe guides are delivered as Adobe PDF files which you download to your computer. After purchasing a guide you will be taken to a personal download page where you can download a ZIP file along with instructions on how to access the PDF files inside. You will also be sent a confirmation email message with a direct download link as well as a link to the download page.

Expanding ZIP Files. If you need a utility to expand .zip files, you can download Stuffit Expander () free from Smith Micro (Windows and Macintosh versions available) or download ZIP Reader () free from PKWare (Windows version only).

Downloading Adobe Reader

Get Acrobat ReaderYou'll use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software to view and print the guide documents. You probably already have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your computer, but if you don't you can download Adobe Reader () free from Adobe Systems.

Adobe Reader Help. Adobe has an Adobe Reader Support () web page if you have any issues with downloading or installing Acrobat Reader. We recommend Adobe Reader version 5.0 or later.

Using The Guides

The Ireland and Scotland Golf Adventure Guide pages are designed to be printed on letter- or A4-size paper, but you can also view them directly in Adobe Reader. It’s your choice. While I love to use it online and take advantage of the built-in hypertext links (see below) it's also great to have it printed out. Take it with you to the coffee shop—or wherever—as your plan your trip. And during your trip, take along just the pages you need—it's much more compact and lighter than lugging around a book.

Printing. In the Acrobat toolbar click the Print button, or choose File > Print. Specify the printer, page range, number of copies and other options, and click OK. Enable (check) the option to “Shrink oversized pages to paper size.” You may want to uncheck this option when printing the course cards and calendar pages.

Viewing in Adobe Reader. View the guide in Adobe Reader to use the many built-in hypertext links, which are colored blue to make them easy to recognize. For example, clicking on a Table of Contents entry will take you to that page in the guide. If you're connected to the Internet, clicking on a URL in the guide (and there are lots of them) will open that web site in your web browser; clicking on an e-mail address will start a new message in your email software. When you're over a link, the hand tool will change to a pointed finger with a small "W" indicating it's a web link. This is a very powerful way to do additional research as you're reading the guide.

Adobe Acrobat Web Capture Preferences. If you have the full Adobe Acrobat software (not just Adobe Reader), there's an additional feature called Web Capture that will try to add web pages to your PDF file. If you move your cursor over a link and there's a small "+" in the hand, you need to change your Web Capture preference to "Open In Browser". After doing so, there will be a "W" in the cursor indicating that weblinks in the guide will open in your web browser.

Online Connection. Every web site URL shown in the guides is linked to the Internet. Open the PDF guide in Adobe Reader, make sure you're connected to the Internet. Clicking on a link will open that page in your web browser, greatly simplifying your task of doing additional research on a course or hotel.

Clear Plastic Envelope. I recommend you buy an expanding, clear plastic envelope to hold the printouts of this guide and calendar page. During your trip it makes a great place to file away score cards, brochures, receipts, etc. gathered along the way. You can find them in most office-supply stores.

Audio on this Web Site

Not hearing the audio comments on this web site? First, make sure your speakers are connected, turned on, and turned up. The audio on the web site uses Flash so the next thing you can try is to download the Flash player () from Macromedia (it's free). If that still doesn't help, don't worry about it. The audio comments on the web site are just informational and really meant for folks who don't like to read.

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